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What does it cost to originate a loan?

We charge a flat fee of $995 per loan, and that price includes application processing and background check for the buyer, disclosures, and a professionally produced note package.

Who pays for loan origination?

A typical residential loan origination fee is paid for by the buyer as a part of their closing costs. This fee could also be paid by the seller at closing if that is preferred. Federal law requires that only one party pay this fee.

Why do I have to use a licensed RMLO to originate my loan?

If you plan on originating more than three (3) loans per year, you are required by Texas State law to be a licensed RMLO. Not only is it important to be compliant to state law and avoid expensive violations, professional RMLOs provide quick and professional service and can be an asset to your business.

Will using an RMLO make my closing take longer?

The short answer: yes--but keep reading. We will work with your buyers to gather the necessary paperwork and push for a fast closing. You could close quickly without us, but you would be missing the necessary paperwork and disclosures that make your loan compliant and valuable. As investors ourselves, we understand your need for a quick closing and will work hard to bring all the pieces together.